Crickets are considered nuisance pests as they will infest properties, especially during the winter months. Like many other occasional invaders, crickets will seek shelter during the colder parts of the year and lay eggs.
People most often encounter crickets indoors in the late fall, early winter when the temperatures start dropping and then again in the spring when the temperatures begin warming up. Typically in April, cricket eggs hatch and the nymph and young adult crickets become active inside properties. Of course in parts of the country where it stays relatively warm year round, cricket infestations can occur at any time.
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Common Types of Crickets in World.

There are upwards of 100 cricket species in the United States but only a few types of crickets commonly infest properties. The most common cricket invaders in the U.S., include:
• Camel Crickets – Camel crickets owe their namesake to the humpback appearance. Found throughout the U.S., adult camel crickets are commonly encountered indoors near moist areas like basements or near drainage pipes. The wingless adults can grow to over an inch in length and are known to damage fabrics.
• House Crickets – As you can imagine based on their name, house crickets are particularly adept at surviving in residential homes. The nocturnal creatures are yellow and brown in color and have wings. House crickets are attracted to lights and can be seen swarming around exterior lighting. Prominent throughout the midwest and east coast in the U.S., house crickets can spend their entire lifetime inside a property.
• Field Crickets – Field crickets are quite common throughout eastern and midwestern U.S. states. A female field cricket can lay up four hundred eggs. Field crickets will swarm when nymphs reach adulthood and fly off to mate. Swarms of field crickets can become problems for businesses when they swarm around buildings and become a nuisance to customers and employees.

• Mole Crickets – Mole crickets are a concern for both homeowners and businesses as they are known to damage lawns and landscaping. Particularly adept at digging, mole crickets will damage plants both by feeding on them and digging tunnels beneath the soil. Once mole crickets infest an area, predators like raccoons may be attracted to that area and dig up more holes in order to feed on the crickets.