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Pest Control in Chennai Hospitals have a zero-tolerance stance on pests, which makes expert commercial pest control critical. Pests can carry disease, which may endanger patients, and overreliance on pest-control materials can put sensitive populations in harm’s way. Our hospital pest control team doesn’t rest until we uncover pest sources. Then we attack them with Integrated Pest Management programs with strict controls – and a commitment to patient safety.

Our hospital pest control team doesn’t rest until we uncover pest sources. Then weattack them with Integrated Pest Management programs with strict controls – and a commitment to patient safety.

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Like you, we make ―do no harm‖ the heart of our pest control approach, keeping your
facility pest-free.

  •  IPM that limits pest-control materials
  •  Highly trained techs with healthcare expertise
  • 100% adherence to Joint Commission requirements
  • Sensitivity to state & federal audits
  • Clear, precise logbooks & QA inspections
  •  Hospital pest-control policy consultation
  •  Sanitation and cleaning schedule audits
  •  Staff training by our entomologists, from Bed Bugs for Nurses to Pest Control 101

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Healthcare Pest Control = Problem Solving + Education

To some, pest control is as simple as setting some traps or spraying a building’s perimeter. At Easy Pest Services, however, we elevate the standard. Not only do our clients demand it – we do, too. Each and every day, we take pride in being educators and problem solvers, raising the bar on pest control to emphasize pest prevention and long-term solutions.

―Especially with clients in healthcare and other sensitive industries, like schools, there is a zero tolerance for pests and pest control materials,‖ says Jennifer Brumfield, Training and Technical Specialist. ―This makes it that much more important to find and remediate the source of pest problems.”

Brumfield explains that with hospitals, pest problems are not usually sanitation problems. ―If there are pests, there’s probably something going on, such as pest hitchhiking in with patient belongings. In order to resolve pest issues, we have to know the pest habits, habitat and something about their life cycle. If there are small flies in an operating room, we’ll check to see if there are problems with a pipe in the wall that may have burst or some other problem that is creating a breeding and developmental source for the flies.”

It’s that kind of thinking that turns a provider into a partner. As Brumfield says, ―this is true pest control.”

Western Helps Clients Establish Pest Control Plans and Protocols

With an aim of being a true partner to its clients, Western dedicates resources to providing the commercial pest control expertise that clients really need. Beyond administering pest control proactively, that includes a focus on education and assistance creating commercial pest control plans and protocols. With three dedicated entomologists on staff, it is a part of what sets Western apart.

―One of the main things I help with is education,‖ says Hope Bowman, Board- Certified Entomologist and Technical Specialist for EASY PEST SERVICESS. Chennai / india region. ―I’ll do presentations for the nursing staff or administration in hospitals, or consult on pest control plans when they’re building or remodeling.”

Consultation offerings might include chiming in on what types of furniture to buy to control pests, or ensuring that pipe intakes are properly sealed before cabinets are installed to prevent problems with mice. With hospital clients, Bowman also consults on pest control guidelines, including those for bed bugs. ―If a patient comes in with a bed bug on their clothing or in a bag, a hospital should have protocols in place for how they will respond,‖ Bowman explains.

If your business needs assistance creating the right pest control protocols, Western can help. Contact us for a free commercial pest control consultation and we can help you craft a pest control plan that works.

Healthcare Regulations and Pest Control

Regulations surrounding healthcare facilities are many, and for good reason. Reliance on trusted vendors to provide effective services has always been a necessity for such a complex business, and numerous laws and codes must be taken into account by each service provider to ensure safety.

But as regulations become more and more strict, the relationship between the facility and its service providers is changing. In order to get the best results from one.

another, a partnership must be cultivated. This includes that with your pest control provider, a service that should never be overlooked.

Hospital pest control must emphasize Integrated Pest Management.

Choosing the right pest control service provider for your healthcare facility will lead to fewer maintenance headaches but it is important to note that this partnership is a two-way street. An effective pest control in Chennai company often provides education for the staff, informing them of what pests to look out for and how everyday sanitation and observation can lead to a drastic decrease in pest issues.

Strict regulations are a necessity throughout healthcare facilities, and as they change and evolve, so should your relationship with your pest control provider. Pest Control in Chennai & Tamilnadu IPM-trained team provides in-service and consistently effective pest prevention, detection, and removal.

Don’t let pest control slip through your fingers, and be sure to cultivate and maintain a good relationship with your healthcare pest control provider.

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