Hotel Pest Control


Smart hotel pest control is the difference between scathing and raving reviews. Easy Pest Control commercial pest control team works with hotel Pest Control in Chennai & Tamilnadu and Hotels throughout the india, delivering discreet solutions that work.

A quick response and preventive approach keeps pests at bay – including hotel bed bugs, which have hotels and motels everywhere on edge and manage by EASY PEST CONTROL

Hotel Pest Control: Keeping You and Your Customers Worry-Free

practices manage pests, from dining areas and guest rooms to pools and perimeters.

  • Proactive commercial pest control
  • Discreet service and custom scheduling test
  • In-service staff sessions by our entomologists
  • Crystal-clear logbooks and reporting
  • Eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management
  • Cleaning and maintenance tips and audits
  • Bed bug control services
  • Expert fly control

Changing How Hotels View Pest Control

As a motel owner, creating a positive experience for guests involves numerous factors. It’s no wonder that some motel owners get overwhelmed when it comes to pest control. And yet, confronted with such high-profile pests as bed bugs and roaches, hotel pest control is clearly important.

Western works with hotel pest control clients to help them identify problems before they escalate and come to the attention of guests. From providing in-service training to the maintenance staff to identifying the root causes of issues, our goal is to keep your business free of pests.

Top Hospitality Pests

With an increasing social trend toward wellness, healthy spaces matter more than ever to travelers and diners. Unfortunately, pests can be the proverbial ―fly in the ointment‖ in this regard. Not only can they create a negative brand experience in an age of online reviews hoteliers cringe at the thought of a review

so during the summer months, when certain species become more active. In an era of discerning consumers and stringent health inspections, these are issues that can’t be ignored. Here are some insights on top pests that plague hotels and restaurants.


When hotel and restaurant guests see flies, they think filth. This is one pest you have to get under control.

News, Facts & Insights

  • Presence of flies in your hotel or restaurant generally indicates a build-up of organic matter somewhere on the premises: clean – and the sooner the better!
  • Drains are often an unexplored fly culprit.

Fly Control Tips

  • House flies can carry hundreds of pathogens, many of which can cause food-borne illness.
  • Food items stored in large quantities, such as onions and potatoes, should be checked often.
  • Clean under shelves, clean your garbage disposal, and make maintenance a priority.
  • Hidden breeding grounds – like dirty mops not sanitized – can bolster fly populations.
  • Fly larvae thrive in moist areas…another reason to eliminate any standing water in
    your facility.


Don’t let mosquitoes create an itchy guest experience this season.

  • The American Mosquito Control Association views mosquito control as a public/private partnership.
  • Standing water is a mosquito breeding ground, and gutters are often a forgotten source.
  • Understanding of the mosquito life cycle is essential to effective mosquito control.
  • Many areas begin mosquito control in spring.


Rodents are an all-year threat to hotels and restaurants.

News, Facts & Insights

  • Rodents displaced during Sandy may continue to cause problems into the summer. Their normal feeding sites may have been disrupted and debris provide good harborage sites.
  • The NPMA notes that mice feed 15-20 times per day.
  • The Indiana State Department of Health estimates that there is one rat for every human in the U.S.
  • Older buildings offer numerous entry points and pathways for rodents, so tightening your building is a must.
  • Trash areas must be tidy and sanitized to prevent attracting four-legged invaders.
  • Rodents are not picky eaters, so food storage areas must be cleaned and stock rotated to eliminate attractions.
Bed Bugs

Don’t forget bed bugs
You may be wondering why bed bugs aren’t on this list. Unfortunately, it isn’t because they have become less of a problem—especially in cities like New York, which remains in the top 10 infested U.S. cities.

Western has Hotel and Restaurant Pest Control Covered

Summer pests can be a challenge, but consistent restaurant or hotel pest control can help…along with a sound and ongoing maintenance regime. Western recently launched our Program, meaning it complies with a variety of official standards and requirements for environmentally sustainable pest control

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