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There’s no place for pests in manufacturing: Easy Pest Control in Chennai delivers superior commercial pest control – with the paper trail to prove it. We know that third- party audits are business critical, and help you pass rigorous inspections. Our industrial pest control professionals are highly trained, taking an industry-specific approach to challenging pest conditions.

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Meeting and Exceeding Your Needs

Audit-compliant and professional, our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions
meet or exceed industry guidelines.

  • Incoming Cargo Inspection Program
  • pre-audit inspections and recommendations
  •  A Crystal-clear documentation trail
  •  Specialized fumigation services
  •  Strict quality control measures
  •  A commitment to on-site safety protocols
  •  Expertise in bird and wildlife removal
  •  Staff entomologists to address tough issues
  •  IPM pest control solutions in Chennai
  •  In-service training available for your staff
  •  24-hour emergency response & flexible scheduling

Warehousing Pest Control: Looking for Pests in Unexpected Places

When it comes to warehousing, pest control should be highly regulated and highly documented. It’s important that your pest control partner understands where pests could potentially be hiding throughout your facility, because they may be found in some unexpected places. The more knowledgeable your pest control professional is, the more likely these pests are to be prevented and defended against.

We’ll tell you where to look for pests that may be hiding out within your warehousing facility, where they could be waiting to cause harm to your business.

Stored Food Items

What pests are found here?

From mice to stored product pests, if you’re working in a warehouse that houses stored food items, you need to be wary of these pests. They may be discovered here due to the obvious attraction: food. Mice and other rodents have strong teeth and an ability to break into things easily.
What would this mean for my business?

The discovery of pests within stored food items could result in the ultimate negative consequence for your warehouse: shut down. This could severely impact profit and general reputation, meaning it’s more important than ever to be passing FDA inspections or third-party audits without the disruption of pests.

Elevated Rafters

What pests are found here?

This is where birds may make themselves at home within your facility. Many don’t realize the true impact birds can have on a building – from aesthetic damage to potentially extremely dangerous diseases being spread. It’s important to check for nests within your facility, especially if this is a food processing facility. Ensure your pest control partner is inspecting for signs of bird activity. Fine airborne food particles such as flour or milled grain can accumulate on structural elements such as rafters, attracting rodents, birds, and stored product insect pests of all types.

What would this mean for my business?

Bird-infested areas have the potential to spread harmful diseases, such as salmonella, histoplasmosis, or the Avian flu. This means serious business for your warehousing facility, if a problem is discovered. Partnering with a professional who knows precisely how to rectify a situation such as this in the safest way possible is your best solution.

Un-rotated Stock

What pests are found here?

Controlled rotation of stock is necessary for more than just pest control needs. It is a best practice to arrange the oldest units in inventory so that they are sold before the newest. In addition, un-rotated stock runs the risk of being overrun with pests without anyone realizing it until it is too late. Mice are the most common risk in situations such as these.

What would this mean for my business?

Mice control problems in any type of stock could mean that your third-party audits are going to run much less smoothly. Rotating your stock on a regular FIFO-first in, first out basis is an essential warehousing tactic in general, and will also help to prevent your facility from being overrun with pests unknowingly.

The more conscientious you are about pests within your warehousing facility, the better. The risk of dangerous diseases being spread is lowered, and the likelihood of you passing your next third-party audits is raised drastically.

Be sure to partner with a pest control service provider who understands not ONLY the pests involved, but the unique needs of your industry, and the complex world of food safety and regulatory issues you are faced with.

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