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Easy Pest Control offers exact pest control solutions for your house. Your house should be free of pests in order to keep your family safe. Pests like cockroaches, rodents, mice, mosquitoes, etc. are extremely dangerous as they are capable of transmitting deadly diseases. 

The search for the perfect pest control ends here. It’s time to end the hardships you are facing because of pests infestation. It is advisable to inspect your home every year and take necessary action. If you are house is prone to pests frequently, then you can have a consultation every six months. 

We, at Easy Pest Control, inspect your home and offer the right solution with the help of the latest technologies. The methods we use to prevent or control pests are completely chemical-free. We don’t use harmful ingredients that affect your health and our environment. 

The vast experience we have in the field pest control helps us to offer reliable and trustworthy service. Our pest control services are affordable and ensure that your home is pest-free. Once we remove the pests from your home, we take necessary preventive measures that reduce the chance of pest infestation in the future. 

Things Affected by Pest Infestation

Property Damage: Electronic gadgets, windows, electric appliances etc are the victims of pest infestations. 

Your Health: Deadly virus like Zika is transmitted through mosquitoes. There are more and more harmful viruses carried by pests. 

Environmental Damage: Pest infestation happens in your home. The origin of pests is the external environment and they find ways to come to your house. Because of pests, the soil is getting damaged. You would have seen mice holes outside your house.

It feels annoying to wake up in the middle of the night. Rats in the roof won’t allow you to sleep peacefully. Your clothes in the cupboard is 

Before the damage is done, you can act smartly by implementing preventive measures. It is wise to seek the advice of Pest Control Technician to keep your home pest-free. They will give you some DIY techniques that can help you maintain your home pest-free. 

Tips for Pest Free Home 

The kitchen is an easy target for pests as it is a food source. Pests are easily attracted to Water and Food. That’s why most pests build their homes in Kitchen and Restrooms. 

Here are some of the tips to keep your home pest-free. 

  • Don’t leave plates and dishes to remain in the sink for a long time. 
  • Wash the utensils then and there. 
  • Put the remaining food waste into the dustbin. 
  • Wipe the tables and benches thoroughly. 
  • Close the lid of Sauce bottles. 
  • Keep packet items in sealed containers. If you see any open packets or sachets, store it in a container. 
  • Don’t keep the water containers open. 
  • Close the tap properly and ensure that there is no water dripping. 
  • Use vacuum cleaners to keep the floor and carpet clean. 
  • Keep your pet clean. The place it resides should be extremely clean.

Proper Home Pest Control Approach

Home pest control is not an easy task. It not about spraying some solution all over your house and garden. After deeply analyzing your home, the perfect pest control solution is derived. Several parameters are taken into account. 

These are important elements of a home pest control program that you should be aware of.

1. Inspection and Identification

There are a plethora of pests types. Each type of pest needs a specific treatment method. First, pest type should be identified correctly. It is best to hire a pest control expert to do the job for you. 

They will carry out a thorough inspection of your place using advanced equipment. You can do this yourself, but the inspection details you infer won’t be that accurate.  

If you still want to continue doing yourself, have an expert on call to discuss a few things before starting. Google can help you with some DIY videos. Use the same Google to hire the home pest control expert.

2. Planning and Execution

You can’t just start treatment right away after pest identification. Proper planning is required to treat the pests in the right way. Duration estimates, perfect pest-proof solution, and possible outcomes are some of the things that are part of the Pest Control Plan. 

Pest Control Experts discuss the plan with homeowners before starting their work. The extermination of pests starts once the plan is ready. 

3. Post Treatment Assessment

Once the plan is executed, the post-treatment assessment should be done. This is the final step to keep your home pest-free. It is not guaranteed that once treatment is done, your house will be completely pest free. 

After pest elimination, there are chances of pest resurfacing once again after a few weeks or months. That’s why we recommend you to closely monitor your house after pest elimination. 

The 3 elements mentioned above take you on the right path to achieve a 100% pest-free home. 


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