Pharmaceutical Pest Control

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Pharmaceutical and Scientific Pest

Pharmaceutical businesses require highest quality commercial pest control in Chennai / India and Tamilnadu with a light touch. Pharma pest problems can have serious repercussions, but material use must be limited.

Western understands the rigors of scientific pest control, and our technicians align Integrated Pest Management solutions to your internal standards and controls. Our certified procedures center on prevention, eliminating pest sources with minimal environmental impact.

Skilled and Policy Conscious Procedures

Scientific pest control is methodical and well-documented, keeping your facility pest- free and ready for audits.

  • Green-Pro certified, IPM pest control
  • Clear logbooks including MSDS, sanitation guidelines, and service reports with trends
  • Vetted technicians experienced in high-security environments
  • Rigorous QA inspections
  • Expertise in GLP & GMP requirements
  • FDA inspection expertise
  • Strict quality control that meets and exceeds state & federal standards
  • In-service training from our entomologists
  • 24-hour emergency response

Preserving the High Standards in Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to third-party audits, standards are high across the board. But the pharmaceutical industry requires a certain level of standards that require extreme diligence. “Pharmaceutical is a different animal all on its own. There are different auditors and different auditing companies with different standards to abide by, explains Easy pest services in Chennai & Madurai .

It’s your pest control partner’s job to understand the intricacies of these audits and how best to ensure they run smoothly in the way of the services your pharmaceutical business receives. Some necessities include:

  • Logbooks that include detailed reporting of all services and stations set up throughout the facility
  • Integrated Pest Management that is environmentally sustainable
  • Expert technicians
  • In-service training
  • Scanning

These are just a few of the requirements your pest control partner should maintain, specifically in the way of the pharmaceuticals. The more diligent you are – the better.

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