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Whether you manage a Govt -certified high-rise office building or garden apartments, property management in Chennai / India / Tamilnadu means meeting needs, including commercial pest control.

A positive reputation is essential, and superior structural pest control service helps you maintain it. Easy Pest services your pest control needs affordably and effectively, keeping pests out and employees or tenants in.

Maintaining Your Good Reputation

Educating you, employees, and tenants is an essential part of maintaining a pest-
free business.

  • Govt pest control Chennai for green properties
  • A commitment to tenant education
  • Maintenance tips & sanitation audits
  • Experience with old & new construction
  • Logbooks for you and your tenants
  • Discreet, flexible scheduling
  • Internal Quality Assurance inspections
  • On-staff entomologists and expert technicians
  • Eco-friendly procedures, with environmentally sensitive materials

Pests & Risk Management: A Property Manager’s Guide

When it comes to managing your property, pests tend to fall in the nuisance category. But in an era of bed-bug liability risk and pest issues like West Nile grabbing headlines, the game is changing for property managers who want to take a proactive approach to protecting their employees or tenants – and their bottom line.Pests to Watch

For: Some Top Offenders

Some pests legitimately do fall into the nuisance category. But while your tenants or employees may not threaten lawsuits over lady-beetle infestations, some pests are more dangerous than others when it comes to apartments and offices. A few pests that have recently garnered headlines include:


  •  Risks: Allergies, disease such as Hantavirus, food contamination, property damage –
    rodents love to chew wires, build nests in homes, and create real property risk
  • Scale of the problem: Mice and rats invade more than 21 million homes each year,
    according to the NPMA
  • Property hotspots: Anyplace can be affected, but attics, kitchens, and storage areas
    are often the site of problems


  • Risks: Lyme Disease, other disease and bacteria
  •  Scale of the problem: Tens of thousands of cases of Lyme occur annually
  • Property hotspots: Brush and overgrown areas outdoors

Bed Bugs

  • Risks: Costs associated with treatment, allergic reaction
  • Scale of the problem: According to the 2013 Bed Bugs Without Borders survey,
    98.6% of India. pest control companies have treated for a bed bug infestation in the
    last year
  • Property hotspots: Anywhere people sleep or spend great amounts of time

The Cost of Reactive Pest Control for Home in Chennai

Since the pests above pose real risks, nuisance pests are not something to ignore. Logic dictates that several ants are much easier to treat than the full-blown infestation that may occur if problems are allowed to linger. You can do the math. Indeed, costs associated with allowing a pest problem to escalate can add up, but there is a solution.

Proactive pest control for home is a long-term play that reduces pest risk over time, helping you to avoid potentially expensive infestations. Especially when it comes to property-damaging pests like rodents, termites, birds and other pests, the cost of ignoring a problem can be significant. By contrast, studies have shown a positive impact of cost when property managers invest in IPM. In a 2009 case study by the India IPM Center, IPM reduced costs by 30% for a 146-unit housing facility in the indians.

A Different Approach

Much like in pest control, better property management relies on better communication. By working with your tenants or employees, establishing clear
guidelines, and informing them of proper communication channels when pest problems occur, you can increase your exposure to excess pest control costs.

Pest Control for bed bugs in Chennai “telling tenants when they’re on vacation to check their luggage upon return and to wash clothes immediately.” These little changes can go a long way if a problem is uncovered before spreading to other

According , EASY Pest control in Chennai/india region, one common concern is local health inspections, and the requirements related to pest-control materials and pest-free environments. Mitigating guest complaints about bugs and pests is also
important, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Much like maintenance can prevent costly future repairs, proactive pest maintenance can prevent infestations. As part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Easy Pest Services sees proactive pest control as the best way to get ahead of seasonal pests – eliminating the factors that attract them into your property. Learn more about IPM, and how it can help reduce pest pressures at your property.

Among the many tasks on a building manager’s plate, pest control often falls into their domain. From a property manager at an apartment complex to building operations at an office or hospital, the prevalent pests and auditing standards may differ, but the challenge is the same: preventing pests from causing a disruption to the building’s human occupants.

For help assessing your approach to property management pest control, reach out to Western for a free consultation. Expert in all aspects of property pest control, including LEED pest control strategies, we’re you’re partner in creating an affordable long-term approach.

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