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Positive experiences feed restaurant success, but poor restaurant pest control puts your hard work at risk. Easy Pest Control in Chennai exceeds your commercial pest control needs, emphasizing discretion and expertise in the range of restaurant pests.

From fly control for restaurants to treatments that ensure food safety, we’re here to help your restaurant Pest Control in Chennai & Tamilnadu make the grade.

Improving the Dining Experience

  • Experienced local technicians
  • Eco-friendly IPM that emphasizes food safety
  • Sanitation & maintenance tips
  • Discreet, 24-hour emergency response
  • In-service training available for your staff
  • Fast-acting fly abatement and roach control solutions,

The Best Restaurant Pest Control is a Partnership

When it comes to pest control for high-risk businesses like restaurants, cooperation is the key factor in creating change. Western’s Charlene Delia, Sales Manager can site numerous examples of restaurants where problems persisted until they took to heart advice on cleaning and structural repairs.

“We worked with a restaurant client in the greater DC area that had issues with rats,” Delia says.

“The restaurant backed right up to the dumpsters –and rats were in the dumpster because its doors didn’t fit. They tried to address it by hosing the dumpster area down, but the rats moved right into the restaurant. It took fixing the root causes to get rid of the rats, but they waited a long time.”

In other cases, Delia has observed fast action…and faster resolution. ―With one client, when we explained the structural issues attracting pests, the property manager brought in engineers to make fixes right away. Others, unfortunately, will try to save costs. I’ve seen people staple cardboard over rat and mouse holes to try to keep them out. It sounds funny, but when you teach them what to do, and then they get results, it’s rewarding. It’s all about proper communication, and building pests out.

Western believes in Integrated Pest Management, which place pest exclusion and prevention at the heart of pest control. When clients work together with their IPM provider, the difference is clear. Learn more about our restaurant pest control expertise.

Branch Manager Spotlight:

Western’s NYC commercial branch deals with an assortment of industries and pest control issues – in a city like New York, our technicians have seen it all. We recently caught up with Western’s NYC Branch Manager, Vincent Cicileo, to glean some insights into NYC businesses and what they should be looking out for in the way of pests this year.

What do you think restaurants should be on the lookout for this year?

Flies are a consistent problem in NYC. Fruit flies, specifically, are a big issue.
Chances are, if you find one breeding source, there’s probably multiple other locations where these flies are breeding as well.

What types of building issues contribute to pest problems?

Floor grouting that is not maintained or done properly will create fly issues. Behind
and underneath bars we’ often find deterioration, or we discover that it’s not being cleaned or maintained as well as it should be. Wooded bars often rot out quickly and make pest control matters worse. Some owners need to take note that steel bars are better from a long-term perspective.

What’s a constant challenge NYC business owners may face?

Mice and other rodents are a 24/7 issue in New York, especially because of all of the construction that is going on. Buildings are constantly being renovated or demolished. The movement and the noise will often drive rodents indoors.

Are bed bugs still something to keep in mind this year?

There’s not a day that the phone doesn’t ring for a bed bug control issue. We’ve actually seen a spike in bed bugs found around office buildings. Employee locker rooms are also popular places for them to hide out, because employees often bring pests in from the outside, on their shoes and aprons. Canine inspections often help discover where the issue is, allowing us to eradicate it quickly.

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