School & University Pest Control


School and university pest control in Chennai / India programs must center on prevention and commitment to a healthy environment, while addressing the needs of a busy environment with numerous pest-attracting factors. Western is a trusted partner for hundreds of schools, upholding strict safety controls and delivering results. That’s why the State of Tamilnadu turned to us when developing their system-wide pest control standards.

Pest Standards

Our eco-friendly Govt-certified easy pest control methods meet or exceed the state regulations for your school or university.

  • Adherence to IPM regulations
  • Flexible scheduling to work around student programs
  • Customized, audit-friendly reports aligned with state regulations
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Eco-friendly, prevention-based procedures
  • In-service training from our entomologists
  • Open communication
  • A commitment to student safety
  • Up-to-date on all state certifications
  • University termite and pest control solutions

Pests in the Classroom

Start the school year with insight into the most common campus pests.

  • Seasonality: Spring (high), Fall (medium-high)
  • Danger level: Low
  •  Often found: In student cubbies, where teachers keep treats, break rooms, kitchens


  •  Seasonality: Spring (high), Fall (medium-high)
  • Danger level: Medium
  •  Often found: Near trash bins, aroundcafeteria spills


  •  Seasonality: Fall (high), Winter (high), Spring (Medium)
  •  Danger level: Medium-high
  •  Often found: Storage areas, trash areas, kitchens, janitor’s closets, dumpster areas,exterior perimetr


  •  Seasonality: All year
  •  Danger level: Medium-high
  •  Often found: Kitchens, trash areas, janitor’s closets, food storage areas, locker rooms

Bed Bugs

  • Seasonality: All year
  • Danger level: Low
  • Often found: Classrooms, dorms, teacher lounges, anywhere people store their belongings

YouBest Pest Defense:

  • Sanitation
  • Clutter removal
  •  Enhanced maintenance protocols
  •  Regular classroom checks
  •  Education for students & staff

Communication Tips When Students Bring  Pests

This can be sensitive, especially when a socially charged issue like bed bugs is traced to a specific student. Students should never be called out in front of peers, which can cause embarrassment. Instead, depending on the student’s age, you should aim to gently raise the issue with them or a parent privately – with an emphasis on education, to help them deal with it. Overall, the school may also take a proactive  stance, regularly disseminating tips that help students and teachers join in the fight against pests.

A Partner in School & University Pest Control

Western brings deep experience in the education space, and even helped author New Jersey’s system-wide pest control standards. Within schools, it’s all about IPM, and we can help you fine-tune your program and keep pests out while school is in.

College Bed Bug Battles

To a bed bug, a college dorm is a buffet, with beds packed tight and numerous potential hosts for an evening blood meal. As a result, Western has seen serious bedbug problems on some college campuses. Luckily, Western fumigation has the experience to help.

Working in partnership with Western’s commercial division, Western’s fumigation team assists university clients that need to address bed-bug problems quickly. In one recent case, a school purchased a dedicated, 20-foot ocean container in which to fumigate dorm room contents – a testament to the regularity of bed-bug issues on campus. While bed-bug dogs root out infested rooms and Western technicians devise appropriate treatment plans, bed-bug fumigation can play a key role in efficiently and effectively treating problems.

Cognizant of schools’ IPM requirements and 100% committed to safety and student health, bed-bug fumigation – administered by experts – can help campuses turn the tables on persistent bed bugs. Easy pest control inc.

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