Drain fly Services in Chennai & House fly Services in Chennai. Approximately one million species of flies inhabit the world.Since they are such diverse insects, fly infestations can be hard to manage as identification is necessary for proper removal.

The most common species residing in our service area include cluster flies, house flies, moth flies, scuttle flies, and vinegar flies. Unclean and associated with disease and decay, flies are known carriers of about six million different bacteria externally and 25 million internally.


Size: The house fly is the most abundant species and grows 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch long. While some species grow slightly larger than house flies, most species are tinier. Almost no existing flies measure over an inch in length.

Color: Most species are darkly colored, ranging from grayish-black to lighter gray, though some species appear yellowish-brown to dull yellow.

Characteristics: Universal characteristics include a single set of wings, six legs, and mouthparts ideal for sucking or sponging. Some common species feature bright red eyes, hair covering their bodies, and markings along their thorax.

Tips for Removal from Home

  •  Call an expert: If flies have already infested a home, the help of a pest control professional is typically needed.
  • Food & habitat removal: Targeting the food sources and probable harborage sites of flies is integral to effective removal of infestations.

As professionals have knowledge of the habits of various fly species, they are the only people equipped to efficiently eradicate infestations of the pest. Drain fly Services in Chennai.

To lead a happy and pest-free life, Call us at +91 97890 39020. Enjoy our Free Inspection.

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