EHBS®– HONEY BEE service

Although bees can be considered to be a nuisance to most people, we at Easy Pest Control consider them to have great ecological importance. 

In light of this, we conduct a professional service that is eco-friendly by removing the hives and solving your problem without killing the bees*.

Proper access to the hive is needed

The service is completely eco-friendly and our technicians ensure that the bees are not killed during removal. Bees are essential pollinators and are critical to the eco-system. 

Bees are protected by the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 which states that killing them is illegal. Honey bees may be a beneficial insect but when they are found in residential and office complex they pose a threat to the people.



Our expert team will inspect the nook and corner of your place.



The bees are isolated from your place and treated accordingly.


The place will be properly protected against bees and further development will be curbed.Icon


Proper maintenance will be provided by our team of experts.

Honeycomb removal is a more technical and skill-oriented process, particularly at high roofs and elevated structures. It needs trained bee handlers.

Easy Pest control offers the best and safe technology to remove honeycombs in all places without damage to the property and harm to the people.

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