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At Mice Control Chennai we have same day appointments and there are No Call-Out Charges.We cover all aspects of Mice problems throughout Chennai and we also use various methods in the Control and prevention of Mice.
We use the latest equipment and we will talk you through the whole process and advise how to deter Mice from your property in the future.
Pest Control Chennai also have a Commercial Pest Control unit and all our Controllers are fully qualified and hold all relevant qualifications for both domestic and commercial premises.

You will find out team helpful and professional and we also work weekends, so if you discover you have a Mice infestation, just pick up the phone and give our helpful team a call today.

Mice Control Chennai offers you a No 1 Service at prices you can afford!

Call Our Pest Control Chennai Team Today On: +91 9789039020



Our expert team will inspect the nook and corner of your place.



Mice are isolated from your place and treated accordingly.


The place will be properly protected against mice and further development will be curbed. Icon


Proper maintenance will be provided by our team of experts.

About Mice:

Mice can be found in houses, buildings and rural places, they are brown or grey in colour and their body length varies between 60 – 90mm, however, their tail can add another 100mm to their length. Droppings from mice are black and rod-shaped and are about 3-6mm in length.

Mice live in nests which are usually found inside buildings or in sheltered areas, but mainly during the cold winter months, they like spaces under floorboards. 

Attics are a popular place for mice and they usually build their nests close to a good food source. Their nests are usually made from wool, paper and cloth.

Mice are also mainly active at night and they can fit through holes as small as 4mm. Mice eat anything but their favourite food is cereal products, mice also urinate in food as well as leaving mice droppings. They will go through anything to get to a good food source.

Mice also carry diseases such as jaundice, typhus and wiles disease.

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